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Sess_Code #Session TitleDayDateTimeRoomP_NrTitleAuthorsAffiliationCountryAtt_ Type
T2A1Trajectory and path optimisation or planningThursday08-Dec10:20-10:35G42_3.068Estimation of Aerodynamic Uncertainty in Missile System Using Physics-Informed Neural Networks FrameworkNa, Kyung-Mi; Park, Jongchan; Jung, Ki-Wook; Lee, Chang-HunKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthIn Person
T2A2Trajectory and path optimisation or planningThursday08-Dec10:35-10:50G42_3.0614Nonlinear Autoregressive with Gaussian Process Regression-Based Path-Following Guidance for UAV under Time-Varying DisturbancesYoon, Dain; Kim, Young-Won; Kim, Boseok; Lee, Chang-HunKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthIn Person
T2A3Trajectory and path optimisation or planningThursday08-Dec10:50-11:05G42_3.0615Energy-Efficient Takeoff and Landing Trajectory Optimization for Urban Air MobilityPark, Jin; kim, inrae; Suk, Jinyoung; Kim, SeungkeunChungnam National UniversityKorea, SouthIn Person
T2A4Trajectory and path optimisation or planningThursday08-Dec11:05-11:20G42_3.0628Trajectory Auto Encoder: A Self Supervised Representation Learning Approach Based on Trajectory Data of Guided MissileJeon, Kyu-Hyo; Park, Su-Jeong; Ko, Hyosang; Choi, Han-LimKAISTKorea, SouthIn Person
T2A5Trajectory and path optimisation or planningThursday08-Dec11:20-11:35G42_3.0629Sequential Convex Programming Based Trajectory Optimization of Air-Breathing Hypersonic VehicleKo, Hyosang; Oh, Yunseo; Choi, Han-LimKAISTKorea, SouthIn Person
T2A6Trajectory and path optimisation or planningThursday08-Dec11:35-11:50G42_3.0645CEO-MLCPP: Collision-Efficient and Obstacle-Aware Multi-Layer Coverage Path Planner for 3D Reconstruction with UAVsLee, Eungchang Mason; JUNG, SUNGWOOK; Song, Seungwon; Choi, Duckyu; Lee, Dongkyu; Lee, Seunghyun; Kim, Seok-Tae; Myung, HyunKAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)Korea, SouthIn Person
T2B1Path planning and path followingThursday08-Dec10:20-10:35G42_3.0924MPPI Control-Based Adaptive Pursuit Guidance for Path-Following Control of Quadrotors in the Presence of Wind DisturbancesJeong, Eui-Taek; Lee, Sang-Don; Na, Kyung-Mi; Lee, Chang-HunKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthIn Person
T2B2Path planning and path followingThursday08-Dec10:35-10:50G42_3.0965Sampling-Based Path Planning Algorithm Considering Moving Obstacles Based on RRT*Damanik, Joshua Julian; Choi, Han-LimKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthIn Person
T2B3Path planning and path followingThursday08-Dec10:50-11:05G42_3.0964Spatiotemporal Navigation Based on Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction in Dense CrowdsSato, Yuta; Sasaki, Yoko; Takemura, HiroshiTokyo University of Science / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyJapanIn Person
T2B4Path planning and path followingThursday08-Dec11:05-11:20G42_3.0911Path Following Algorithm with Small Error for Guide RobotWakabayashi, Hironobu; Hiroi, Yutaka; Miyawaki, Kenzaburo; Ito, AkinoriOsaka Institute of TechnologyJapanVirtual
T2B5Path planning and path followingThursday08-Dec11:20-11:35G42_3.0968The Simulation of Adaptive Coverage Path Planning Policy for an Underwater Desilting Robot Using Deep Reinforcement LearningZhao, Yongjiang; Sun, Pei-Chen; Lim, Chang GyoonChonnam National UniversityKorea, SouthVirtual
T3A1Special session 1Thursday08-Dec14:00-14:15G42_3.0613MDP Formulation for Multi-UAV Mission Planning with Refueling ConstraintSeung-Keol, Ryu; Jeong, Byeongmin; Choi, Han-LimKAISTKorea, SouthIn Person
T3A2Special session 1Thursday08-Dec14:15-14:30G42_3.0626Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection for Multicopter Flight Data Based on AutoencoderPark, Beomjun; Kim, Taegyun; Kim, Seungkeun; Suk, JinyoungChungnam National UniversityKorea, SouthIn Person
T3A3Special session 1Thursday08-Dec14:30-14:45G42_3.0646Decentralized Multi-Robot Task Allocation with Attention-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning AlgorithmJung, Minjae; Oh, HyondongUNISTKorea, SouthIn Person
T3A4Special session 1Thursday08-Dec14:45-15:00G42_3.0652Distributed Gaussian Process Regression for Multi-Agent Active Sensing with Hyperparameter TuningBae, Geunsik; Seo, Jaemin; Oh, HyondongUNISTKorea, SouthIn Person
T3A5Special session 1Thursday08-Dec15:00-15:15G42_3.0653Optimal Flocking Control Algorithm with Feasibility Enhancement of Control Barrier FunctionSong, Yeongho; Oh, HyondongUNISTKorea, SouthIn Person
T3A6Special session 1Thursday08-Dec15:15-15:30G42_3.0644Scalability Expansion Frameworks for Applying Small TSP Learning Models to Larger mTSPsMin Kyu, Shin; Lim, Ming Chong; Choi, Han-LimKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthIn Person
T3B1Special session 2Thursday08-Dec14:00-14:15G42_3.096A*-Based Path Planning for Legged RobotsKim, Min-Gyu; kim, hyunbin; Park, Hae-WonKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthIn Person
T3B2Special session 2Thursday08-Dec14;15-14:30G42_3.0925Neural Network-Based Ground Reaction Force Estimation in a Point-Foot RobotAn, Jaehoon; Cha, Hyeonje; Lee, InhoPusan National UniversityKorea, SouthIn Person
T3B3Special session 2Thursday08-Dec14:30-14:45G42_3.0937Low-Cost UWB-Based Relative Position Estimation for Cyber Physical Multi-Robot SystemJeong, Myeongwoo; Choi, Junho; Myung, HyunKAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)Korea, SouthIn Person
T3B4Special session 2Thursday08-Dec14:45-15:00G42_3.0948Learning Legged Mobile Manipulation Using Reinforcement LearningLee, Seokju; Jeon, Seunghun; Hwangbo, JeminUNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology)Korea, SouthVirtual
T3B5Special session 2Thursday08-Dec15:00-15:15G42_3.092Millibot – Miniature mobile robot platform for scalable swarm robot researchPhan, Gia Luan; Nguyen Truong, ThinhUniversity of Economics Ho Chi Minh City – UEHVietnamVirtual
T3B6Special session 2Thursday08-Dec15:15-15:30G42_3.097Delicate Reconstruction of Randomly-Stacked 3D Soma Puzzle Pieces Using a Robotic Arm with a GripperSong, Taek Jin; Ryu, Si-Jung; Lee, Sun-Kyung; Kim, Jong-HwanKAISTKorea, SouthVirtual
T4A1Vision/ image processingThursday08-Dec16:00-16:15G42_3.0659Robot to Human Object Handover Using Vision and Joint Torque Sensor ModalitiesMohandes, Mohammadhadi; Moradi, Behnam; Gupta, Kamal; mehrandezh, mehranSimon Fraser UniversityCanadaVirtual
T4A2Vision/ image processingThursday08-Dec16:15-16:30G42_3.063Random Forest Algorithm Based Grading Mango’s Quality Related to External Features Extracted from Captured ImagesNguyen, Minh Trieu; Nguyen Truong, ThinhUniversity of Economics Ho Chi Minh City – UEHVietnamVirtual
T4A3Vision/ image processingThursday08-Dec16:30-16:45G42_3.0619Ensemble of Fully Convolutional Neural Networks with End-To-End Learning for Small Object Semantic SegmentationLam, Ken Lun; Abdullah, Azizi; Albashish, DheebUniversiti Kebangsaan MalaysiaMalaysiaIn Person
T4A4Vision/ image processingThursday08-Dec16:45-17:00G42_3.0650A Survey on 3D Scene Graphs: Definition, Generation and ApplicationBae, Jaewon; Shin, Dongmin; Ko, Kangbeen; Lee, Juchan; Kim, Ue-HwanGwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)Korea, SouthVirtual
T4A5Vision/ image processingThursday08-Dec17:00-17:15G42_3.0662Natural Language-Guided Semantic Navigation Using Scene GraphKim, Dohyun; Kim, Jinwoo; Cho, Minwoo; Park, DaehyungKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAISTKorea, SouthVirtual
T4A6Vision/ image processingThursday08-Dec17:15-17:30G42_3.0618Centre of Mass Estimation of Grasped Objects using Cost Effective SensorsEmmerson, Thomas; Liu, PengchengUniversity of YorkUnited KingdomVirtual
T4B1Robotics applied to various environmentsThursday08-Dec16:00-16:15G42_3.0936Performance Verification of Biomimetic Mole Robot (Mole-Bot) for Efficient Underground ExplorationLee, Junseok; Tirtawardhana, Christian; Myung, HyunKAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)Korea, SouthIn Person
T4B2Robotics applied to various environmentsThursday08-Dec16:15-16:30G42_3.0958Noise Modeling and Kalman Filter Design for Attitude Estimation of Flapping Wing RobotPark, Heetae; kim, inrae; Kim, Seungkeun; Suk, JinyoungChungnam National UniversityKorea, SouthIn Person
T4B3Robotics applied to various environmentsThursday08-Dec16:30-16:45G42_3.0923Comparison of Different Robust Control Methods for Trajectory Tracking of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots in Fluidic EnvironmentZarebidoki, Mahmoud; Dhupia, Jaspreet Singh; Xu, WeiliangThe University of AucklandNew ZealandIn Person
T4B4Robotics applied to various environmentsThursday08-Dec16:45-17:00G42_3.0963Origami-Inspired Flat-Foldable Robotic Gripper for Space SystemLee, Sung-Jin; Lee, Dae-YoungKorea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthVirtual
T4B5Robotics applied to various environmentsThursday08-Dec17:00-17:15G42_3.0967Development of a Robot System for Cleaning Sludge in Industrial SiteHur, J. G.; Lim, Chang Gyoon; Kim, Yong MinChonnam National UniversityKorea, SouthVirtual
T4B6Robotics applied to various environmentsThursday08-Dec17:15-17:30G42_3.0927Real Time Victim Detection in Smoky Environments with Mobile Robot and Multi-Sensor Unit Using Deep LearningGelfert, SebastianMunster Technological UniversityIrelandVirtual
F1A1Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec09:00-09:15G42_3.0632A Multi-Class Multi-Object Tracking Based on Joint Probabilistic Data Association FilterKim, Sukkeun; Petrunin, Ivan; Shin, Hyo-SangCranfield UniversityUnited KingdomVirtual
F1A2Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec09:15-09:30G42_3.0612Bridging Depth Estimation and Completion for Mobile Robots Reliable 3D PerceptionArapis, Dimitrios; Jami, Milad; Nalpantidis, LazarosTechnical University of DenmarkDenmarkIn Person
F1A3Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec09:30-09:45G42_3.0620Age Prediction of Social Media Users: Case Study on Robots in HospitalityChen, Jinyuan; Chen, Jinyan; Stantic, BelaGriffith UniversityAustraliaIn Person
F1A4Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec09:45-10:00G42_3.0660Adaptive Robust Control of a Cable-Driven Underwa-Ter Manipulator with Elastic CablesZarebidoki, MahmoudThe University of AucklandNew ZealandIn Person
F1A5Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec10:00-10:15G42_3.069Deep Q-Network for AI SoccerKim, Curie; Hwang, Yewon; Kim, Jong-HwanKAISTKorea, SouthVirtual
F1A6Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec10:15-10:30G42_3.0630Towards Flexible Manipulation with Wiring-Base Robot HandNguyen, Pho; Sunil Bohra, Dhyan; Chow, Wai TuckNanyang Technological UniversitySingaporeVirtual
F1A7Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec10:30-10:45G42_3.0631Initial Response in HRI: A Pilot Study on Autism Spectrum Disorder Children Interacting with a Humanoid QTrobotEl-Muhammady, Muhammad Faisal El-Muhammady; Zabidi, Sarah Afiqah Mohd Zabidi; Md. Yusof, Hazlina Md. Yusof; Rashidan, Mohammad Ariff Rashidan; Sidek, Shahrul Na’im Sidek; Ghazali, Aimi Shazwani GhazaliInternational Islamic University MalaysiaMalaysiaVirtual
F1A8Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec10:45-11:00G42_3.0655Analysis of Changes in User’s Attention on Characteristics of Social Initiation of a Robot in 11 Interaction between a User and a RobotChoi, Jihwan; Kim, Min-Gyu; Han, Daseong; Lee, Wonsup; Lee, WonHyongHandong Global UniversityKorea, SouthVirtual
F1A9Robotics for social interaction and object detectionFriday09-Dec11:00-11:15G42_3.0657Proposal of a Play Recommendation System for Child Care Assistive RobotsShim, Gahyeon; Ryoo, ByeongMin; Kim, HeeYeoul; Kim, Min-Gyu; Lee, WonHyongHandong Global UniversityKorea, SouthIn Person
F1B1UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec09:00-09:15G42_3.0949Tuning Path Tracking Controllers for Autonomous Cars Using Reinforcement LearningSequeira, Joao; Carrasco, AnaInstituto Superior Técnico – Institute for Systems and RoboticsPortugalVirtual
F1B2UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec09:15-09:30G42_3.0933Development and Feasibility Study of an Autonomous Obstacle Detection System for Landing OperationsTajmilur Khemlani, Tarik Rahman; Xing, Yang; Shin, Hyo-SangCranfield UniversityUnited KingdomVirtual
F1B3UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec09:30-09:45G42_3.0910Evaluation of autonomous navigational accuracy for different reference points in PurePursuit algorithm for center-steered articulated vehiclesLatif, Saira; Lindbäck, Torbjörn; Karlberg, MagnusLuleå university of TechnologySwedenIn Person
F1B4UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec09:45-10:00G42_3.0969ROS Testing Environment Refutes DebuggingFallis, John; Jo, Jun; Bottazzi, Vitor S.Watkins Steel Pty LtdAustraliaVirtual
F1B5UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec10:00-10:15G42_3.0934Least-Restrictive Multi-Agent Collision Avoidance Via Deep Meta Reinforcement Learning and Optimal ControlAsayesh, Salar; Chen, Mo; mehrandezh, mehran; Gupta, KamalSimon Fraser UniversityCanadaVirtual
F1B6UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec10:15-10:30G42_3.0970Safe and Active Prediction and Planning for Autonomous Vehicle against Uncertain Human-Driven VehicleNam, Youngim; Kwon, CheolhyeonUlsan National Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthVirtual
F1B7UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec10:30-10:45G42_3.0971Overtaking in Autonomous Racing with Online Refinement of Opponent Behavior Prediction Using Gaussian ProcessKwon, Junsung; Lee, Hojin; Kwon, CheolhyeonUlsan National Institute of Science and TechnologyKorea, SouthVirtual
F1B8UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec10:45-11:00G42_3.0938FARO-Tracker: Fast and Robust Target Tracking System for UAVs in Urban EnvironmentLee, Dongkyu; Lee, Eungchang Mason; LIM, HYUNGTAE; Song, Seungwon; Myung, HyunKAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)Korea, SouthIn Person
F1B9UAVs and AVsFriday09-Dec11:00-11:15G42_3.0942Development of Perching and Fail-Safe Module for Wall Climbing Multi-CopterKim, Taewan; Tirtawardhana, Christian; Yu, Byeongho; Nahrendra, I Made Aswin; Kim, Seok-Tae; Myung, HyunKAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)Korea, SouthIn Person
F2A1Learning and Networks (Communication) 1Friday09-Dec11:30-11:45G42_3.064Traffic Signal State Broadcasting Over C-V2X Communication Technique for Autonomous Shuttle ServicePeng, Cheng-Wei; Hsu, Chen-Chien; Wang, Wei-Yen (Wayne); Huang, Sheng-ChungNational Taiwan Normal UniversityTaiwanIn Person
F2A2Learning and Networks (Communication) 1Friday09-Dec11:45-12:00G42_3.065Planar Fitting Transformation: A Rapid Point Cloud Registration for Real-Time ApplicationsHsieh, WeiyuanIndustrial Technology Research InstituteTaiwanIn Person
F2A3Learning and Networks (Communication) 1Friday09-Dec12:00-12:15G42_3.0635Lightweight Branching Self-Distillation: Be Your Own TeacherRobertson, Cailen; Le, Hoang Duong; Nguyen, Thanh Tam; Nguyen, Quoc Viet Hung; Jo, JunGriffith UniversityAustraliaIn Person
F2A4Learning and Networks (Communication) 1Friday09-Dec12:15-12:30G42_3.0639Parametric Surround Modulation Improves the Robustness of the Deep Neural NetworksLee, Wooju; Myung, HyunKAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)Korea, SouthIn Person
F2A5Learning and Networks (Communication) 1Friday09-Dec12:30-12:45G42_3.0641Efficient Training Method for Point Cloud-Based Object Detection Models by Combining Environmental Transitions and Active LearningYamamoto, Takumi; Ohtani, Kento; Hayashi, Tomoki; Carballo, Alexander; Takeda, KazuyaNagoya UniversityJapanIn Person
F2B1Learning and Networks (Communication) 2Friday09-Dec11:30-11:45G42_3.0947Learning from Hidden State to Solve POMDPOmi, Saki; Shin, Hyo-Sang; Tsourdos, AntoniosCranfield UniversityUnited KingdomVirtual
F2B2Learning and Networks (Communication) 2Friday09-Dec11:45-12:00G42_3.0954The Classification of Wafer Defects: A Support Vector Machine with different DenseNet Transfer Learning Models EvaluationPP Abdul Majeed, AnwarXi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool UniversityChinaVirtual
F2B3Learning and Networks (Communication) 2Friday09-Dec12:00-12:15G42_3.0921Short-Term Traffic Speed Prediction Using Hybrid LSTM-SVR ModelQuach, Khang Nguyen Duc; Ren, Zhao; Tran, Khiem Vinh; Vu, Viet Hung; Chun, Yongsik; Nguyen, Thanh Tam; Jo, JunGriffith UniversityAustraliaVirtual
F2B4Learning and Networks (Communication) 2Friday09-Dec12:15-12:30G42_3.0961Osteoarthritis Diagnosis: A Feature-based Transfer Learning ApproachPP Abdul Majeed, AnwarXi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool UniversityChinaVirtual
F2B5Learning and Networks (Communication) 2Friday09-Dec12:30-12:45G42_3.0956Bi-Directional Generative Adversarial Networks for Novelty DetectionPark, Chanwoo; Kim, Jong-HwanKAISTKorea, SouthVirtual